Could the X-Men and Fantastic Four Finally Be Coming to the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

A report by CNBC made the internet rounds today claiming that Disney was in talks with 21st Century Fox to buy most of the company, including its film and television division. This is huge news for multiple reasons, the most exciting one being that all of the Fox-owned Marvel properties would now be owned by Disney and be available to use in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Which Marvel properties does Fox own? The X-Men, Deadpool, the Fantastic Four. Basically every major character that has been excluded from the Marvel Universe would now be up for grabs. Characters like Wolverine and Dr. Doom are huge parts of Avengers comic book storylines, but have always been precluded from the films due to rival studios owning licensing rights. Now, if the deal goes through, all of the characters will be under the same umbrella.

There are still some complications, though. Fox's own Marvel Universe has a long established history that will be hard to reconcile with the current Marvel proper. It's also unlikely Disney would want to mix the hard-R Deadpool with their family friendly characters. So, logistically, there are still some hurdles that need to be traversed.

A more easily rectified scenario would be a Marvel Cinematic Universe reboot of the Fantastic Four. Having just demonstrated with Spider-Man: Homecoming how successful a quality reboot can be, the Fantastic Four appear primed to be the next success story. Who better to follow up Thanos as the next big bad than Dr. Doom? It's an extremely exciting prospect.

This should be a very interesting story to follow. It's still a long road ahead for any shared movie universe to come from this potential deal, but should it go through there's sure to be a lot of happy fanboys.

Let us know in the comments below your dream team-ups from this deal that you'd love to see on screen!