‘Vice Principals’ - Season 2 Episode 8 “Venetian Nights” Recap

Toward the end of Vice Principals’ penultimate episode, “Venetian Nights”, Neal Gamby confesses all of his crimes to Amanda Snodgrass, including his part in burning down Belinda Brown’s house. There are several times throughout this episode where I thought Gamby was going to literally burn down a building, and that may still come in the finale. Season two episode eight was more about the burning down of the relationship, friendly and professional, of Neal Gamby and Lee Russell.

After finding the shooter’s mask and gun in Russell’s car in the previous episode, Gamby has now turned his sights on to how best defeat his foe. He assures Gale, Ray, and Janelle that the danger has passed and his shooter will be dealt with accordingly. They of course never felt any danger, but anything that lightens Gamby up is a win in their eyes. And so Gamby asks Russell to meet him at their usual train track meeting spot for their final confrontation. Russell denies any part of Gamby’s shooting, but Neal isn’t buying it. He demands Russell’s resignation at gunpoint. When Russell shows up to work the next day, it pushes Gamby over the edge. A brutal, drag out extended fight sequence ensues throughout the school between the former friends. Taking over the directing reins for the episode, Danny McBride stages an excellently choreographed beat down that goes from the halls, to the cafeteria, to the principal offices. The brawl might have ended in a draw, but it’s ultimately a defeat for Gamby, as Russell understandably fires him. 

Having lost the fight, but determined to win the war, Gamby formulates a new plan and gathers his army to take down Russell once and for all. He returns to Gale and Ray to tell them the danger has once again passed. He is once again met with utter confusion. Gamby’s plan comes to head at the titular Venetian Nights school prom. Armed with the childhood diary of Russell’s sister, supplied by Christine and Mi-Cha, Gamby infiltrates the prom with all of Lee’s darkest secrets. Amanda gathers the teachers, Deyshaun gathers the kitchen staff, and Robin Shandrell gathers the troublemakers all in an effort to overthrow Lee Russell. The student has become the master, as Gamby uses all the dirty tricks Russell instilled in him over their friendship to get Russell to sign his own resignation letter. Not only that, the teachers have promised to give Gamby their recommendation to superintendent Haas. Feeling victorious, Gamby re-enters the prom and plants a kiss on Snodgrass in front of the entire school, including a distraught looking Abbott.

And that was the penultimate episode of Vice Principals. Still no confirmation on Gamby’s actual shooter, but signs are really pointing toward Abbott being the culprit, setting up Lee Russell as the fall guy. What does the series finale have in store? I can’t wait to find out, but I’m sure disappointed we won’t be getting any more of this incredible show after next week.

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