'The Good Place' - "Derek" Fall Finale Recap

The Good Place just aired season 2 episode 8, "Derek". Unfortunately for fans of the show, the episode served as the series' fall finale, meaning we won't get to see Eleanor and the gang again until sometime in 2018. The good news is that "Derek" was another great episode to cap off what has been an outstanding sophomore season.

Picking up where "Janet and Michael" left off, Janet has created an entity known as Derek (Jason Mantzoukas) to act as her rebound guy now that Jason and Tahani's relationship is blossoming. The problem is, having a crazy new entity running around town is sure to draw the attention of Vicky and the other demons. Thus, Michael must turn to Chidi and Eleanor for advice on how to solve the Derek problem.

As Chidi explains the ethical ramifications of each of their potential options, a secret is beginning to eat away at Eleanor. She knows from Mindy St. Clair's sex tape that in several of their past reboots Eleanor and Chidi have professed their love for each other. Now she's left to wonder if she currently loves Chidi and whether or not she should bring up this secret at all.

As all of this is happening, Jason and Tahani are unknowingly complicating things further by deciding to get married. This creates a ticking time bomb as Michael, Chidi, and Eleanor must crash the wedding in order for Janet to feel happy enough to get rid of Derek.

By the end of the episode, everyone's secrets are out. Jason and Tahani are aware of Jason's past marriage to Janet, but proceed to date. Janet is content with her situation and sends Derek away. Eleanor shows Chidi the sex tape, but Chidi announces he doesn't currently love Eleanor. This clearly upsets Eleanor, who tries to hide her emotions. She is saved from the awkward moment when Michael arrives, wanting to speak to her as a friend. There's a very human interaction between the two, showing the huge strides in progress Michael has taken in the ethics classes. Everything seems to be going well for the group. That is until Michael returns to his office to find his boss, Shaun, waiting for him with something urgent to talk about.

I hope you like cliffhangers, cause The Good Place is going to leave us hanging for a long while to find out what exactly Shaun wants to talk with Michael about. Luckily, there's so much about this show to digest during the break. What a funny, well-written, expertly plotted out series. This wait is going to be excruciating.

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