First Set Photos of Samuel L. Jackson in 'Glass'

All the way back in the year 2000, director M. Night Shyamalan captivated audiences with his grounded superhero drama Unbreakable. For years fans have been clamoring for a sequel, and Shyamalan always assured them he was open to the possibility. Then comes this year's Shyamalan release, Split. Marketed as a horror movie about a man with split-personalities who kidnaps three teenage girls, the film plays out along those lines until it reaches its very surprising conclusion. Not only was one of the personalities that of "the Beast", giving the man inhuman strength and speed, but Split was also revealed to take place in the same universe as Unbreakable. Audiences went crazy over this twist ending, and it didn't take long for Shyamalan to assemble the casts of both Unbreakable and Split to film the unlikely trilogy capping conclusion, titled Glass.

Filming is currently underway in Pennsylvania and the Daily Mail has the gotten their hands on set photos, giving us our first look at Samuel L. Jackson's return as the titular Mr. Glass. In case you've forgotten, Mr. Glass appeared in Unbreakable as a sort of comic book expert and guide to Bruce Willis' David Dunn, who exhibits super strength and an inability to get hurt. The film's ending reveals that Mr. Glass has secretly been orchestrating a series of devastating accidents in search of people with powers, resulting in his incarceration and admittance into a mental institution. Jackson and Willis will return from Unbreakable, alongside Split's James McAvoy and Anya Taylor-Joy.

Check out the first set photos of Jackson back in costume as Mr. Glass below. Glass is scheduled to hit theater January 18, 2019.