'Marvel's The Punisher' - "Two Dead Men" Episode 2 Recap

Most of Marvel's The Punisher's second episode revolved around the cat and mouse game between the titular "Two Dead Men". The mysterious Micro is trying to reach Frank Castle for unknown reasons, while Castle is trying to get the upper hand on Micro because... Frank Castle must always have the upper hand. The initial contact between the two comes in the form of a video Micro sends Castle. It's of Frank and his military unit torturing and killing Ahmad Zubair, Agent Madani's friend. Nervous that someone knows about his past, Frank turns to old friend Karen Page (Deborah Ann Woll) for help.

The "Two Dead Men" moniker fits both Castle and Micro, as we learn in this episode that both men are presumed dead. Micro lives in some sort of tech hideaway, watching his wife and kids from hidden surveillance cameras installed in their house. When Karen uncovers an unpublished article about Micro, Castle is able to figure out Micro's true identity and pay a visit to his family in the hopes of drawing his stalker out. Micro's wife, Sarah, is an open book with stranger Frank Castle, letting him know that her husband was an NSA analyst who died a brave, but stupid hero. It's a real "you're not so different, you and I," exchange. The plan ultimately fails in coaxing out Micro, but it gives both men insight on the other. Frank learns that Micro is also someone who lost his family due to a corrupt system, while Micro learns that Frank isn't just a killing machine, but can be sympathetic when necessary.

The Micro article that Karen dug up had originally been shelved in a cover-up involving Carson Wolf, Agent Madani's sleazy superior. It's Wolf who Castle next pays a visit to in order to extract more answers. A brutal and well-choreographed fight between the Punisher and the Agent then ensues throughout Carson's house, ending with Frank victorious. When Carson doesn't freely give up answers, Castle switches tactics and allows Carson to gain the upper hand. Feeling cocky, Carson explains his part in the Castle family murders. They were orchestrated because the agency thought Castle was the one who sent Micro the Ahmad Zubair video and he needed to be silenced. Learning all of the information he needed, Frank breaks the false-sense of security he had given Carson, ending the fight with the snap of a neck.

Meanwhile, Agent Madani is continuing her investigation into Ahmad Zubair's murder. She pays a visit to Billy Russo (Ben Barnes), an old friend of Frank's from his military unit. Billy defends Frank, explaining that any killing spree was justified by the horrors cast against him. The interview is interrupted when Madani hears word of Carson Wolf's death, making her the new ranking Homeland Security agent.

"Two Dead Men" closes its episode with the first official meeting of the titular duo. With an assist from Curtis, Frank is able to stow away in Micro's car and be driven to his hideout. Unfortunately for Micro, this was not going to be a friendly meeting. Frank Castle wants answers, and he will be getting them by any means necessary.