'Marvel's The Punisher' - "Resupply" Episode 4 Recap

The main storyline of "Resupply" was a fairly simple one. Frank Castle needs guns. Frank Castle gets guns. While there are some really great and fun elements in that storyline, it's the side characters that supply the emotional depth to the episode.

After opening fire on his own father, veteran Lewis Walcott has decided to relocate to the backyard, digging himself a foxhole to sleep in. It makes him feel like he's back in the war, which was the only place that didn't plague him with nightmares. Curtis pays him a visit after a concerned call from Lewis' father. Lewis shrugs off any concerns that Curtis has over his behavior, which only furthers Curtis' concerns over the problematic behavior.

Lewis applies for a position with ANVIL, Billy Russo's private military contractor. He proves himself a very capable leader, encouraging the other soldiers during a training exercise. Billy seems to take notice and is prepared to offer Lewis a position on the team until Curtis pays him a visit. After learning of Lewis' mental state, Billy cuts him from the team. Lewis leaves, even more distraught than before. Wherever this storyline is headed, it ain't gonna be good.

Back in the main storyline, Frank and Micro learn that the guns they are looking for are about to be confiscated by Madani's team of Homeland Security agents. The duo devise a plan to steal the guns right out from under the agents. In a heist set to Donna Summer's "I Feel Love", Micro manages to steal the truck filled with guns, while Frank distracts the only agent on their tails: Madani. I complained in my episode 3 recap over the use of a country song during Frank's one man compound assault, but I am fully on board with the usage of "I Feel Love". Song choice can go a long way in enhancing a scene or completely pulling the viewer out of the scene. This was very much the former.

The getaway chase ends with Micro blindsiding Madani's car in a brutal crash. Frank pulls the agent from the wreckage and drags her to safety. It's the first official meeting of cat and mouse, even if cat is barely conscious. Madani recognizes Frank and he confesses to her that he was the one who killed Carson Wolf, due to him being a corrupt cop and all. With that, Frank leaves behind the injured Madani, who is sure to remember that the kill-crazy Punisher just saved her life.

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