'Marvel's The Punisher' - "The Judas Goat" Episode 6 Recap

Picking right up where the previous episode left off, "The Judas Goat" finds Frank Castle bleeding out, leaving Micro frantically trying to figure out how to save him. Finding himself in way over his head, he seeks the help of Curtis to patch up Frank's arrow wound. The mission to visit Gunner ended in a lot of bloodshed, including the death of Gunner. Hopefully, all of this bloodshed will be worth it in the end. Frank makes sure Homeland Security finds Gunner's body to give him a proper funeral, then pays a visit to Micro's family to apologize for missing dinner.

When Madani arrives at Gunner's cabin she quickly deduces that Frank Castle had been involved in the gunfight. She was closing in on her man, but so were a lot of much more nefarious forces. Madani turns to hook-up buddy Billy Russo and tells him that Frank is still alive in the hopes that he can find his old squad mate.

Billy puts out a radio call for Frank in the hopes that he'll turn up. Eventually he does, and the two friends have a warm reunion. Billy offers Frank a way out of the country and a nice paying job. He could leave this life of corruption behind him and move on. Frank considers taking Billy up on this offer, but ultimately decides to finish what he started in helping Micro take down everyone involved with Cerberus.

As the episode comes to a close, Billy goes to William "Agent Orange" Rawlins himself to inform him of Frank's decision. It turns out, Billy's been working with Rawlins all along. If Frank wants to take out Cerberus, he's going to have to go through his best friend first.

Elsewhere in the episode, support group vets Lewis and O'Connor protest gun laws, which winds up getting Lewis arrested. Curtis bails Lewis out and informs him that O'Connor has been lying about his war stories to beef up his vet status. This enrages Lewis, who pays O'Connor a visit and kills him in a fit of rage.

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