'Marvel's The Punisher' - "Crosshairs" Episode 7 Recap

In episode 7 of Marvel's The Punisher, "Crosshairs", Frank and Micro move on to the next stage of their mission. This time they're going after Colonel Bennett, who used the bodies of KIA soldiers to smuggle drugs out of Kandahar. Frank infiltrates Bennett's base and makes his way to the Colonel, finding him in the middle of a very kinky and embarrassing sex act.

Meanwhile, Billy leads a squad to rescue Bennett and take out Frank. Too bad their target is Frank Fuckin' Castle, who quickly dispatches all but one of the soldiers, a masked Billy, and escapes out the window. Billy takes Bennett to Rawlins, and they're all confused why Frank didn't kill the Colonel. They shrug it off as being spooked by Billy's men. It turns out, Frank put a tracker on Bennett's phone, meaning they had led him straight to Rawlins.

It's decided that Bennett is to relocate overseas with a large pile of money. Before he ships out, Billy takes him to a safe house for the night. It turns out to be far from safe, as Billy murders Bennett in an effort to tie up loose ends.

As the episode comes to a close, Frank arrives at Bennett's location and puts the man in the crosshairs of his sniper rifle. This is the moment Frank has been waiting years for. Rawlins was one of the highest of men involved in the murder of the Castle family, and now Frank was about to put a bullet in his head. Unfortunately, the bullet Frank fires never reaches Rawlins, instead getting stopped by bullet proof glass. Rawlins locks eyes with his shooter and the compound's alarms begin to blare, forcing Frank to cut his losses and run.

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