'Marvel's The Punisher' - "Cold Steel" Episode 8 Recap

Following their attack on Rawlins in the previous episode, "Cold Steel" finds Micro and Frank discovering the true identity of Cerberus' head honcho. Knowing that they were up against a man so intricately involved in the C.I.A. puts a scare on Micro, but it changes nothing of Frank's "kill everyone" plan.

When Micro loses power to his family live feeds, he sends Frank to make sure everything is alright. It turns out, Zach has been giving Sarah a lot of trouble lately, so she turned off their home's power in an effort to punish him. As the power is restored and the feeds come back on, Sarah gives Frank a kiss as Micro watches in secret. Awkward. Micro turns out to be super understanding over the kiss, and Frank decides to fill the role of father figure to Zach, playing catch and being a shoulder to lean on.

As Frank is playing house with the Liebermans, Madani and Stein devise a plan to draw out Cerberus. After finding a bug in her office, the partners stage a fake conversation about Frank Castle's whereabout to lure out whoever was listening. Madani and her team of agents set up shop in an abandoned warehouse, ready to ambush whoever from Cerberus who comes their way.

It turns out to be Billy Russo who is leading a killsquad to take out Frank. They walk right into Madani's ambush, opening fire on the Homeland Security agent and her team. Billy sacrifices his team in order to escape, but is caught by Stein. Billy overtakes Stein and stabs him repeatedly with his hidden blade before making his escape. Madani finds her partner and holds him as he bleeds out. Stein dies before he can tell her that his killer was Billy Russo. Later, as Madani washes the blood of her fallen men off of her body, it is Billy who helps her scrub. Cut to credits.

The arc of Billy Russo has been an interesting one so far. While I always figured he would turn out to be a villain, his turn has been very abrupt and very against what we saw of him in the earlier episodes. Hopefully there are some Billy flashbacks in the next few episodes that further explain his motivations.

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