Jake Gyllenhaal Rumored to Replace Ben Affleck in 'The Batman'

Rumors about Ben Affleck's exit as Batman from the DC Cinematic Universe have been flying for almost a year now, and recently Affleck admitted to be looking for his exit strategy. That certainly complicates director Matt Reeves' in development stand-alone Batman film, currently titled The Batman. If Affleck were to leave the franchise, who would replace him to don that famous cowl? We might now have our answer.

Jake Gyllenhaal is the rumored top choice for the role, and there have been discussions between the studio and star to make this casting happen. The rumor comes from reputable movie blogger John Campea, and you can watch his announcement of the potential casting in the video below at the 26 minute mark.

Should Gyllenhaal nab the role, it will have been an interesting road for him playing the caped crusader. He was also considered to play Batman in both the Christian Bale and Ben Affleck versions before they ultimately landed the role.

Gyllenhaal is certainly a capable actor, considered one of the best in the business by many. I'm excited to see his take on the iconic figure, especially with a talent like Matt Reeves at the helm. The question now is how will the actor switch be addressed in the film, if at all. Will the Flashpoint movie change Bruce Wayne's appearance? Will Batman be Bruce Wayne at all? Would Gyllenhaal be playing a young Ben Affleck in a period piece? We likely won't get answers to those questions for a while, but feel free to speculate in the comments below and let us know your thoughts on our potential new Batman.