'Get Out' To Compete in the Comedy/Musical Category at the Golden Globes

The Comedy & Musical category at the Golden Globe awards has long been subject of criticism over its seemingly innocuous parameters. "The Martian wins Best Comedy!" is not a headline that should be taken seriously, and yet it was very much a real thing that happened.

All of that said, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, who award the Golden Globes, have met to officially categorize 2017 movies for the awards races and they have concluded that Get Out will compete as a comedy.

While not an outright comedy, Get Out did have some truly hilarious moments, namely any scene featuring LilRel Howery. The comedy competition is also a typically weaker field than the drama race, giving Get Out a better shot at scoring a nomination, let alone a win.

While an argument could definitely be made that Get Out is a comedy, and it certainly was argued by the HFPA, it's not technically classified as one. This creates an issue indicative of the Golden Globe categories as a whole. It's basically "Best Drama" and "Best-Not-A-Drama" as a catchall for anything that doesn't fit the typical awards-bait norm. There's not an easy solution for the problem that doesn't broaden the field too much, or narrow it down to the point of excluding quirkier gems.

This is without even mentioning how ludicrous some of the HFPA's choices can be. Get Out getting the recognition it deserves in any category is great. The Martian winning Best Comedy, or Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie getting nominated for The Tourist on the other hand show a system worth criticizing.

Where do you fall on the comedy debate? Get Out: Comedy or not?