Could Dwayne Johnson's Black Adam Appear in 'Suicide Squad 2'?

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson has been attached to play DC's Black Adam since 2008. Originally offered either the hero Shazam or his nemesis Black Adam, Johnson decided the villain role sounded a lot more fun. Of course, when you've got an actor the size of Johnson (in name and appearance), you don't want him playing second fiddle. Thus, Shazam and Black Adam became two separately developed movies. Shazam has been making big moves as it gears toward production, casting Zachary Levi in the titular hero role. But what about word on the Black Adam movie?

According to The Wrap, DC and Warner Brothers are finally taking the steps to give Adam his big screen debut even sooner than his solo feature. Two insider sources claim the current version of Suicide Squad 2 features members of the squad being tasked with tracking down a weapon of mass destruction. That weapon? Black Adam himself.

Previously, there had been rumors that Black Adam would make his debut as the villain in the Man of Steel sequel. Those plans would appear to have changed based on this news.

All of that said, Johnson is a very busy guy and his involvement in Suicide Squad 2 is highly dependent on whether he can fit it into his work schedule. If he does sign on, it's certainly a way to reignite interest in a franchise that disappointed many in its debut outing. They don't call him franchise viagra for nothing!