'Vice Principals' - "Spring Break" Recap: Neal Gamby's Shooter Revealed?

With season two episode seven, “Spring Break”, Vice Principals officially enters its final three episodes. After the previous episode ended with Gamby, Russell, Nash, and Snodgrass teaming up to thwart a coup by the teachers, “Spring Break” saw the gang perform a blood oath* to keep their little plan a secret. And just as soon as they came together, it was time to split apart. It’s spring break time at North Jackson High School, which means it’s time for some much needed r & r.

*who knew blood oaths came with catchy jingles? “Bloody promises, bloody tips, this is how a pact is made.” Short, sweet, catchy, and to the point.

For Amanda Snodgrass, spring break is an opportunity to accompany boyfriend Brian to a legitimate writer’s convention. She’s there to get contacts and make connections, but what she receives is humiliation. It turns out, Neal Gamby was right about Brian all along. He was just using his publishing connections to land the girl. Not only did he have no interest in Snodgrass’ book, he also belittled her talent every chance he got in front of his fellow writers.

Meanwhile, Gamby invites Russell to accompany him, Janelle and her friends on their trip to the beach. Russell and Christine are going through a divorce, so it’s the least Gamby could do for his friend. That friendship is much more present in “Spring Break” than it has been in a long while. This is Gamby & Russell debauchery at its finest as they try to play classic pranks on the teenage girls, snort cocaine, and wind up at a strip club. Even amongst all of the drug-fueled craziness, Gamby never falls back into his old, self-destructive ways. He finally takes the time to read Snodgrass’ book and calls her when she most needs a friend to tell her how great he finds her writing. Things take a turn for the bad when Janelle and her friends are arrested for shoplifting. Things go from bad to worse when Gamby finds his shooter’s mask and gun in the trunk of Lee Russell’s car. 

Has Vice Principals finally unmasked Neal Gamby’s shooter? We know from previous episodes that you don’t want to tussle with Lee Russell because he has the muscle, but does he have it in him to shoot his best friend? Is it a red herring? Has Lee Russell been framed? Personally, I’ve felt since the moment of the shooting that Russell is the most obvious suspect, and therefore would be the most disappointing reveal. Hopefully, there’s more to this than meets the eye.

Overall, “Spring Break” was a very funny episode with a twist ending that steers us closer to the series finale. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!