'The Last Man on Earth' Season 4 Episode 2 "Stocko Syndome" Recap

Last week's season premiere of The Last Man on Earth ended on the cliffhanger of Tandy being kidnapped by Pamela (Kristen Wiig), while the rest of the gang were stranded on a lifeboat near a small island. This week's episode, "Stocko Syndome", wasted no time resolving all of these issues in a quick and breezy fashion.

As the boat group arrives on the island, they quickly realize they aren't alone. The sole inhabitant is a man named Glenn (Chris Elliott), who's been stranded on the island for five years, pre-dating the virus that killed most of the population. In one of the episode's funniest moments, Glenn explains to the group how excited he is to return home and see his family, making it harder for Todd to bring up the virus. It's only when Carol has to convince Glenn to light the lone signal fire for Tandy that the truth comes out.

Speaking of Tandy, our main man is still tied up on the yacht by Pamela. Her ultimate goal is for Tandy to experience Stockholm Syndrome and fall in love with his captive. It is then that Tandy devises his plan to fake "stocko syndome" in order for Pamela to drop her guard and give him a chance to escape. The plan, like most Tandy plans, is a complete failure. Luckily for Tandy, after thinking of Carol he is inspired to use his razor sharp toenails to cut through his ropes. Now free, he manages to grab Pamela's dog and threatens to eat its butt if he's not allowed back in control of the yacht. Pamela relents, and the two head towards the signal fire to save the group on the island.

By episode's end, our gang, with Glenn now in tow, are on the yacht and sailing toward an unknown destination. They even show compassion for Pamela and let her tag-along, though only by a life boat pulled behind the yacht.

Your opinion of "Stocko Syndome" ultimately hinges on how much you enjoy Kristen Wiig's schtick. I've never been a huge fan of her in these types of roles, so this episode was a little lackluster for me. I do think Chris Elliott makes a solid addition and I'm curious where the group finds themselves next.

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