'The Good Place' Season 2 Episode 5 "Existential Crisis" Recap

In case anyone had forgotten, The Good Place would like to remind everyone that Ted Danson is a very funny man. In "Existential Crisis", the show continues its season two trend of putting Danson's Michael front and center. Now that we're in on his secrets and motives we can spend more time on what makes this demon man tick. That's exactly what Chidi taps into in order to sway Michael to the good side in a very funny episode.

The Good Place has explained before the very dramatic and violent punishment for demons that get retired. It's a painful death leading to the end of existence. Realizing that ethics are pointless to demons who can live forever with no consequences for their actions, Chidi correlates the retirement process to a human's death. This is done to inspire Michael to be a better person. Do good things and get into the good place! Do bad things and be erased from existence! Upon this realization, Michael immediately (and hilariously) loses it, falling into an existential crisis.

This existential crisis quickly transitions to a very human midlife crisis. Michael drives a new sports car, gets his ears pierced, and even gets a tattoo that is "Chinese for Japan". It then falls onto Eleanor and Chidi to get this demon under control before Vicky and the others discover something is amiss.

Meanwhile, Tahani and Jason throw a birthday party for Gunnar, only to be upstaged by a party thrown by Vicky that's taking place at the same time. It's all part of a torture plan by Vicky, but despite being aware of the truth, Tahani still can't help but to get caught up in the competition and trying to be the best. When she realizes how silly the whole endeavor was, Jason gives her a pep talk to lighten things up. He ranks her an 8 out of 13, which is a perfect score in his overly complicated, tent-like rating system. This sweet moment eventually leads the two into bed with each other. It's an interesting development, and proof that Attempt 802 will have some pretty major differences from Attempt 1. If I'm being honest, I loved the pairing of Jason and Janet in season one and want to see that continue in the future, so I hope this is a minor detour to shake things up before getting back on course.

Overall, I really liked this episode. A lot of funny moments, with Ted Danson at the top of his game. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!