The 'Blade Runner 2049' Sex Scene Is the Best Scene of the Year

The long-awaited sequel Blade Runner 2049 has finally hit theaters and it is leaving audiences everywhere completely awestruck. The film is a triumph that bests even the original and is sure to inspire think pieces for years to come. The piece of the film we want to dissect today is the sex scene. It manages to encapsulate all of the themes of both Blade Runner movies into one dramatic, visually stunning sequence, making it the best scene in film this year.

Massive spoilers for Blade Runner 2049 follow.

The original Blade Runner revolved around the core question of what makes us human. In the end, the Replicants show more humanity than anyone, yet they are still hunted and slaughtered for being different. Blade Runner 2049 takes this idea and runs with it. Not only does it further complicate matters by centering its story around a Replicant conceiving and giving birth to a child, but it adds in another major player by pushing Holograms to the forefront. 

K (Ryan Gosling) is a replicant who has formed a romantic relationship with a widely popularized hologram known as Joi (Ana de Armas). In a world where replicants are treated as less-than-second-class citizens used for labor, pleasure, and amusement, holograms are forced even below that. They can’t even share the illusion of freedom that a replicant like K has. To a hologram like Joi, being a replicant is something she actually aspires to be. She’s a soul stuck in the illusion of a body, incapable of reaching out and touching the man that she loves. To her, replicants are real, tangible beings that are worthy of life and love. 

It’s on this premise that Joi invites over Mariette (Mackenzie Davis) to K’s apartment. Mariette is a replicant working as a sexbot in the city who K encountered earlier in the movie. Joi plans on grafting her holographic form over Mariette’s very real body so that she can imagine touching the man she loves and allow K the illusion of actually being with her. Even with the two women’s bodies synced up, Joi’s hands still can’t help but wander. It’s a subtle sign of her individuality and very real human desires. 

In the futuristic world of Blade Runner, replicants are souls in human bodies, but they are in no way shown human decency. For holograms, they have the soul but are missing the body. They feel emotion just as strongly as humans or replicants without having the ability to actually feel. They can be loving, caring, thoughtful, curious, adventurous, and even sacrificial. That Blade Runner 2049 can pack all of these ideas into one scene is no small feat. Add in the fact that it’s shot by the brilliant Roger Deakins and features some dazzling special effects work and you have yourself the best scene of the year.

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