'Stranger Things' - "Chapter Six: The Spy" Recap

The propulsive pacing of Stranger Things 2 continues on in “Chapter Six: The Spy”. The episode opens on a screaming Will being rushed to Hawkins Labs to figure out the source of his problems. Dr. Owens posits that the Shadow Monster has infected Will with a virus. If they could kill the host, maybe Will would be fine. What they can’t do is continue to burn the openings of the Upside Down for containment purposes, as that would continue to agonize Will. Unfortunately, Will Byers is currently very far from fine. In fact, he’s missing large swaths of memories, like who Bob and Hopper even are. The virus is starting to take a real hold on Will, and it’s getting harder to figure out who’s in control of his body. In one of his brief moments of coherence, Will directs Hawkins Labs to what he believes to be the source of the Shadow Monster inside the tunnels. It’s a place Hopper came across in the previous episode and dubbed the “grave yard.” With the grave yard potentially holding the key to Will’s safety, a team of scientists are sent to check it out.

Amidst all of that craziness, Hopper manages to sneak off to try and radio Eleven. It’s an exceptional scene, impeccably played by David Harbour as Hopper lays out all of his regret for the way he handled his fight with Eleven. It’s also a great reminder that even amongst all of the supernatural, Upside Down happenings, Stranger Things can still take the time to pack an emotional wallop.

Meanwhile, Nancy and Jonathan, after much goading from Murray, share an intimate night together after potentially completing their #JusticeForBarb campaign. In one of the funniest lines of the series to date, Murray asks the lovebirds over breakfast, “How was the pullout?” He meant the pullout couch, ya filthy minded shippers.

The most substantial part of the episode, and by far the most delightful, is Dustin and Steve’s quest to find Dart. This pairing is comic gold and sweet enough to cause cavities. Steve plays love coach to Dustin, offering advice of both the hair and girl variety. After connecting with Lucas and Max, the foursome plan to lure Dart to an abandoned junkyard where Steve can handle it once and for all. The plan works perfectly as the kids await in an RV as Steve ventures out with his nail-bat to fight off the mini-demogorgan. What none of them were prepared for was that Dart would be bringing friends. A whole swarm of demogorgans surround the RV. Steve does his best to fend them off and protect the kids, but it’s only a matter of time until they’re all overwhelmed. And just when it looks like all hope is lost, the demogorgans avert their attention elsewhere and race off to an unknown location.

It turns out, the grave yard Will directed Hawkins Labs toward is not the key to defeating the Shadow Monster. In fact, it was the Shadow Monster who compelled Will to send the team there as a trap. The scientists are no match for the demogorgans, who quickly tear apart everyone in sight. Things go from bad to worse as the monsters then head toward the nearest exit, which just so happens to lead them straight to Hawkins Labs itself where Hopper, Joyce, Bob, Mike, and Will await defenseless. It’s a hell of a cliffhanger to top off another wonderful episode.

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