'Stranger Things 2' is the 'Goonies' Sequel You Always Wanted

On October 27, Netflix released the highly anticipated Stranger Things 2. Coming off the 80s nostalgia-themed debut season, Stranger Things is back, bigger and better than ever. If you just want to talk about the show, you can find our recaps for every episode right here.

Known for riffing on classic 80s films, the second season features a particularly good remix on The Goonies, and we're not just talking about new cast addition Sean Astin. Spoilers follow.

A major plot point in the Stranger Things 2 finale is Mike and his friends traveling to an area in the Upside Down dubbed the "grave yard." Sean Astin's character, Bob, asks earlier in the season if the area houses treasure in a specific and overt nod to The Goonies, but the journey to the grave yard actually ends up mirroring that film pretty well.

  • Both feature a group of kids heading underground to solve a problem that the adults couldn't.
  • Earlier in the season Dustin is ditched by his friends and forms a bond with what others consider a monster. The friendship is bolstered by eating their shared favorite candy. So... the exact character arc of Chunk in The Goonies.
  • Both groups are led by an imaginative, spunky kid named Mike who hopes to save the day and maybe get a kiss somewhere along the way.
  • Both feature an older teen who has cool guy credentials but is ostracized by his contemporaries who is forced to be a reluctant tagalong. 
  • Did we mention both feature bullies named Troy?