'Mindhunter' - "Episode 4" Recap & Review

Four episodes in, Mindhunter appears to be settling into its format. Holden and Bill visit a new town, interview a convicted murderer for their research, and implement this research into the solving of a case. So far, this has been a premise that shows great potential, although “Episode 3” botched the landing a bit. “Episode 4” manages to correct a lot of those wrongs to deliver one of Mindhunter’s strongest episodes yet.

“Episode Four” finds Holden and Bill interviewing convicted murderer and rapist Monte Russell. Meanwhile, they’re also trying to help solve the gruesome murder, mutilation, and scalping of an innocent small town woman. The interviews with Russell are just as riveting as Kemper’s were. Mindhunter continues to master its “tell not show” strategy, realizing the images viewers conjure in their own heads can be just as horrifying, if not more so, as the images on the screen.

“Episode Four” also manages to improve upon the previous episode by not tying everything up in a convenient bow. Holden and Bill have massive doubts about their main suspect and nowhere else to turn. They return home with the case unsolved, to be returned to at a later date. It’s reassuring to know that not everything is going to come to our heroes easy. They’re going to have to work to achieve success.

That said, things do come relatively easy thanks to some good ol' fashioned promotion from Wendy. The team is awarded nearly $400,000 in funding to continue their research. It’s not something that makes Chief Shepard happy, as now the study will be under a massive public telescope. For the team, things couldn’t be better. They now have the time and resources to dedicate themselves fully to the study. As long as this means more face-to-face time of Holden and Bill with their criminal subjects, I’ll be one happy viewer.