'Mindhunter' - "Episode 6" Recap & Review

In “Episode 6”, Mindhunter has one of its densest episode yet, while also managing to be its leanest. Barely topping 30 minutes in length, the episode manages to wrap up the Beverly Jean murder case, have a double date dinner featuring Holden, Bill and their respective partners, and finally shed a light on Wendy’s life back home in Boston.

When it comes to the Beverly Jean case, the team manages to uncover the truth, but still be failed by an antiquated justice system. It turns out it was a true family affair to murder Beverly Jean, with Frank raping the victim before goading Benjamin into killing her. When it turns out Beverly was still alive, Rose helps finish the job. This should be enough to put all three away for a very long time, but the D.A. wants to focus on Benjamin. With no hard evidence to base their findings on, the team has to watch as Frank is given a lesser sentence for his part in the heinous crime. After a long string of wins, Holden and company finally come up short. Failed by their own justice system, they now realize that understanding the criminal mind isn’t enough. They had to change the law’s mind as well.

After returning home, Bill and his wife Nancy invite Holden and Debbie over for dinner. It’s a nice bonding experience for the partners, but it also helps show the home life of Bill Tench that we’ve only heard him give reference to in the past. His relationship with his adopted son is shaky, putting a strain on his marriage that is visible throughout the dinner.

Elsewhere, Dr. Wendy Carr returns home to Boston to be confronted by her own strained relationship. We meet her girlfriend, Annaliese*, who appears to be controlling and unsupportive. This pushes Wendy toward making the decision she was already leaning toward: moving to Virginia to join the team full time.

*Somewhere, Holden is off devastated that “hot for teacher” is as far as his relationship can ever go with Wendy.

I think the fact that this episode was only 34 minutes long (almost half the normal episode length) and I didn’t notice a difference is indicative to how well paced and engrossing this series is. This is truly captivating stuff that’s proving to be one of Netflix’s very best.