'This Is Us': How Jack Dies and All the Clues About When It Happens

This Is Us just aired its season two premiere tonight. Titled "A Father's Advice", the episode finally revealed the cause of death of family patriarch Jack Pearson. Read on to see what causes his tragic demise, as well as all of the episode's clues as to when his death will take place. Obviously, MAJOR SPOILERS follow.

After a season one ending arc filled with hints of alcoholism and car rides, it turns out it will be a house fire that takes the life of the beloved Jack Pearson. The cause of that fire is currently unknown, but no one else appeared to be home at the time and it's questionable whether Kate and Randall arrived at Miguel's house before or after the event.

Not only did the episode reveal Jack's cause of death, it also narrowed in on a timeframe more than ever. Early in the episode Kevin mentioned being 17 when Kate delivered the awful news. By episode's end we'd have many more clues.

So, things to look out for in the lead up to Jack's inevitable death:

  • Jack and Rebecca leave Miguel's house at the episode's conclusion with the promise of resolving their problems within a few months. The cut to a grieving Rebecca seems to imply Jack's death will fall within that timeframe.
  • Kevin will break his leg at some point. While Kate and Randall are grieving at Miguel's house, an oblivious Kevin is off making out with Sophie, a well-signed cast covering his leg.
  • Randall will develop a relationship with a mystery girl. During the cry session at Miguel's, Randall can be seen holding hands with a red haired girl. Listed on IMDB as "Jane", it's not known if this is Randall's girlfriend, friend, or even of some relation to Miguel.
  • Kate is holding a previously unseen dog. A recent addition to the Pearson clan?
  • We know from last season that Kate feels responsible for her father's death. Could she have accidentally caused the fire? Or sent her father in to retrieve something for her?

Any clues we missed? What did you think of the big reveal? Let us know in the comments below!